My name is Marlo Coulson, Iam a Vancouver Island artisan jeweler evolving in my craft. I use minimal/simple design principles to create elegant and timeless pieces.   I love to work in quality  gold fill and sterling silver metals.  I studied metal arts at North Island College and when my tools and supplies began taking over the home, I built my beloved  jewelry studio, nestled in the forest.   

Home Based Studio located in Courtenay, BC Canada
Call me: 250-702-7988 (home based studio)
Email us: metalsmith@marlocoulson.com
I get to spend my days in my metalsmith studio, 25 steps from my home, surrounded by the forest.

 Currently booking events & markets in 2018.




I have been a 'maker & creator for as long as I can remember, dabbling in different art forms, finding my place in jewelry.  The best part of being a jeweler is the lifelong learning involved, the assortment of techniques, I thrive in a state of flux. 

2010-2014  My 'side hustle' business name was 'The Naked Squirrel'  I began selling at markets, screen-printed tanks & assembled jewelry.  

2015-2016   I attended North Island College Metal Arts program and had truly fallen in love with the meditative jewelry making process.

2016-current  I balance working as an acute care nurse with making jewelry, luckily these days more time is spent in my beloved studio, than on the nursing floor!