Moon Earrings


Fine Silver Crescent moons dusted with silver dust, with black gemstone. 
  • Total length: 1 inch (2.5cm)
  • Crafted by hand, on Vancouver Island.
  • Sterling Silver Ear Post.
  • Stone size: 3mm

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      What is gold-filled?

      A very thick layer of gold, over base metal.  The metal we use, is considered a lifelong quality product.  100X more gold than a plated item.

      Product Care
      All metals and stones:
      Avoid exposure to chemicals or harsh cleaners, as they could breakdown the metal or stones overtime.

      Avoid drops or heavy blows. If your piece does endure a drop please have your stone settings checked for security.

      Clean with warm water and a mild soap and behind stones with a soft brush
      Store separately to avoid scratches.